Imagine a natural environment so pristine and pure that it calls to you,

to heal and revitalize you.

Welcome to ÕRA Spa La Sapinière

An Eco-Chic Wellness Resort in Val-David, Quebec.

Nestled in a breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful valley, Val-David is a picturesque artist’s village that is the crown jewel of Quebec’s four-season mountain playground. We are located deep in the Laurentian mountains one hour north of the bustling city of Montreal and 30 minutes south of the world-Renowned Mont-Tremblant resort city.

Step off the beaten path to discover a world apart that is meant to be shared from the heart. In this community love is light and nature reigns supreme. Artists and creators have historically flocked here and their creative effervescence keeps Val-David rooted in beauty, consciousness, and the everlasting quest to co-create a better world.

The delightful Doncaster River will thrill you as it twists and turns, swooshing and frothing playfully through the landscape. Year round, our neighbor and ally, Parc Dufresne provides nature lovers with hundreds of hectares of groomed trails and scenic paths through a protected forest that intersects with our own secluded pine grove.

Immerse yourself in the quaint mountain village life by strolling down main street to meet our local residents, artists, and craftsmen. Enjoy a drink or savor a delicious meal in one of our many fine dining establishments and discover local organic products at our celebrated summer farmer’s market.

Unpretentious and unique in every way Val-David is a reflection of the world we all dream of.

History of the Hotel La Sapinière – Leading Lady of the Laurentians

To spread our wings, we must first honor our roots.

At the height of its glory, the Hotel de la Sapinière and her world-renowned Chef Marcel Kretz we recognized as one of the best tables in the world. It’s gourmet menu and prestigious wine cellar propelled La Sapinière to the summit of gastronomy to become the flagship of Laurentian and Quebec tourism.

A staff of one hundred dedicated employees welcomed thousands of distinguished guests and honeymooners. At la Sapinière, one could rub shoulders with celebrities and Heads of State like Ronald Reagan. La Sapinière was the site of a NATO summit in the 80’s and even welcomed the King of Norway in the grand suite. The world famous Montreal Canadiens hockey team would come to la Sapinière in closed retreats before important games they would go on to win.

We must raise a glass to Leonidas, Jean-Louis, and their descendants for developing the potential of this land while conserving its identity and nature through sustainable development over the last 100 years. It is said that Jean-Louis and his wife, Madame Émérence Ducharme-Dufresne welcomed their guests as friends and that their vast estate was an extension of their private residence.

After decades of growth, honor, and distinction, the leading lady of the Laurentians took a final bow in 2013 when the Hotel de la Sapinière was closed to the public.

She has been resting quietly in the serenity of her beloved pine grove waiting for a new visionary entrepreneur to set the scene for her next great role on the world stage.

Who is Diane Beaudry CPA, CA, ICD.D,?

Diane Beaudry is a visionary entrepreneur, a seasoned businesswoman and an avid world-traveler who is passionate about global wellness and sustainability.
Integrity is her trademark. Her courage and determination are the foundation on which she has built her rock-solid reputation as a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Director of the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Ms. Beaudry has had an illustrious career as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a number of companies in the real estate, tourism, pharmaceutical and retail industries.

15 years ago, she founded Conseil Projestion, a firm specializing in management, financing, corporate restructuring, and executive coaching. In addition to presiding her own company, Ms. Beaudry has had the privilege of sitting on over a dozen Board of Directors including the Board of Governors of Quebec Universities, and the TAZ. She has served as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Chambre d’Assurance de Dommages du Québec and is a member of Fondaction’s Board of Directors where she is also Chair of the Audit Committee and a member of the Evaluation Committee.

Beyond her professional expertise and qualifications, Diane Beaudry envisions a business world that is more humane, socially conscious and rooted in sustainable development in order to co-create a better world.

For the past 11 years, she has been envisioning and planning for her passion project to create a health and wellness resort inspired by the best upscale American destination spas.

ÕRA Spa La Sapinière Val-David

Eco-Chic Wellness Resort

When Diane Beaudry discovered the former Hotel de la Sapinière in 2014, she felt compelled to protect the land and breathe new life into this magnificent 100-acre property that has marked Quebec’s history. 

We estimate that the project will generate employment for over 80 people in the hospitality and wellness sector as well as nearly 40 construction job opportunities.  The ÕRA SPA resort will have significant economic benefits and a tremendous positive impact for Val-David and neighboring regions. 

Through ÕRA we are writing the new chapter of a story that has been evolving for over 100 years in our pine grove and Sapinière Forest. 

It will be an honor and a great pleasure for us to offer:

In addition to offering traditional massage, beauty and spa treatments, ÕRA Spa will offer triple AAA care including

  • Ayurvedic, (Shaman-Karma, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Padabhyanga)
  • Asian (acupuncture, Thai massage, reflexology, Qi therapies) and
  • Native American (holistic and spiritual care).

Each of these 3 traditional approaches share the common philosophy that the body consists of the five elements (wood, air, fire, water and metal) and that each of these elements must be in harmony for us to enjoy optimal health and a fulfilling life. In addition to the wide range of traditional services offered, our ÕRA signature products and treatments will cater to the needs of your mind, body and soul using our exclusive line of natural essential oils and beauty products.

The first ÕRA wellness resort will feature 70 guest rooms and suites. 40 of the rooms will be lodged in the newly restored main building and 30 will be exclusive cottage style suites with luxury amenities. 

Our guests will also enjoy our

  • Sauna
  • Hammam (Turkish bath)
  • State-of-the-art Sports and fitness facility 
  • Arts Center including a painting workshop
  • Health and Souvenir Shop 
  • Conference room with a capacity of 50 people

As one would expect from a world renowned spa and wellness resort, ÕRA will offer a wide variety of activities, workshops and classes that will cater to every need of the body, mind and soul. 

Our guests will enjoy peaceful walks through our forest and pine grove as well as Tai-chi, meditation and yoga sessions. 

In addition to the full range of outdoor sports, we will also offer Aqua-fitness, pilates, zumba, balloon massage and other fitness classes on a daily basis. Experienced instructors will be able, upon request, to design customized physical activity programs for our guests. 

Naturopaths, dieticians and nutritionists will also provide services for those who wish to partake in a cleanse or to improve their health and vitality through nutrition.

Psychological mentoring will be available to assist our guests who may be suffering from the impact of a burn out or life trauma in order to help them find peace of mind.  

Our menu will feature delicious local organic products and our bistro will also feature several herbs and vegetables grown in our own Sapinière garden. Guests may even opt to pick the leaves and herbs they wish to enjoy in their afternoon tea. 

In honour of Mr. Dufresne’s legacy, wine lovers will be thrilled to discover our unique and diverse wine cellar. 

Healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies and cocktails and exquisite coffee will be served daily in our juice bar and café.  

We have a deep reverence and respect for the environment and we are committed to developing ÕRA according to sustainable development practices. ÕRA will be optimally integrated with the natural beauty of the landscape to promote total harmony and respect for the environment and nature. A permaculture food forest will be integrated into the land in order for us to offer a wide variety of fresh organic products to our guests.

ÕRA is a sacred space that exists within our heart and here on earth. ÕRA springs fragrantly to life like the hopeful first bloom of the season after a long, harsh winter. Ora is also the wind dancing through the pine grove on a warm summer morning. It beckons you deep into the forest so that you may experience a symphony of reds, oranges, yellows, and purples as you enjoy a meditative walk in the fall. ÕRA is the fire crackling in the hearth, breathing as deeply as you do when you receive a deep-tissue massage overlooking the frozen lake that sleeps peacefully under a blanket of snow.  ÕRA is the sun that shimmers like diamonds on the surface of the water and the mountains that stand like cathedrals to inspire us to reach new heights. 

ÕRA is a peaceful oasis where we come to discover our own, true nature before heading back out into the world as transformed beings. 

I am ÕRA. Are you?

Does ÕRA inspire you?

If you feel called to ÕRA because you align with our values and our mission we would love to hear from you.

To join our team as a therapist, please send your resume via this link.

If you would like to become a strategic partner or if you require any information on our services, please get in touch using the contact form below.

We look forward to hearing from you and it will be a pleasure to welcome you to ÕRA in 2020.

-Diane Beaudry and the ÕRA Spa La Sapinière de Val-David team.